I am passionate about teaching people how to live victoriously as an overcomer from the Word of God; and how to worship from a place of freedom - in spirit and in truth.

About Julaine

You are never too old to learn something new about yourself. We are all filled with gifts and talents just waiting for us to discover. Life is truly and journey, and this is a my journey…

Books by Julaine Marais

My books are for teaching, equipping and training the Body of Christ to know Whose they are and who they are in Christ.

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Protected, Living Psalm 91

A6 pocket-sized book R90 OR eBook R50

One of the things that God has given me is a passion for His word. I love to delve into the Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words. Protected brings out the original meaning of Psalm 91, the context, and who wrote it. When I teach worship dance, I don’t want to just teach you to dance, I want you to see what the Word says about dance and worship. I have brought this same depth of study into Protected.

Review of Protected: "I am so enjoying your book! It’s powerful and sharp-edged … a real weapon in the hands, hearts and minds of the reader.”

Kirsten Rossiter

Victorious, Fully Prepared

A5 slim book R115 OR eBook R65

This book takes us beyond the familiar outward appearances of armour and gives us a look at the inner surfaces of our armour - the warrior’s perspective.

A seasoned warrior will don his armour in total darkness, every belt notch familiar to his touch. This is so because armour has to be personal, it is uniquely fitted to each individual. We do not all need the same number of notches in our belts! I trust that working through this study of God’s armour will empower readers to knock the dents out of their helmets, patch up their shields, sharpen their swords and find the right belt notches for the buckles - Rodney Liebich (Foreword)

Review of Victorious: “This book takes us beyond the familiar outward appearances of armour and gives us a look at the inner surfaces of our armour, the warrior’s perspective.”

Rodney Liebich

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“The Teacher sought to find just the right words to express truths clearly.” Ecclesiastes 12:10 (NLT)

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